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Medical Tourism

by Doctor, 16/02/2020

medical tourism

Due to the big number of patients visiting Dr. Watfa from abroad (Europe, USA, Australia and the Arab Gulf Countries), medical tourism for a procedure has became a smooth pathway.
Language is not a barrier since Dr. Watfa and his team are fluent in English, French and Arabic.

In addition, Dr. Watfa will personally interview you through a live video call to make sure that you are a candidate to the requested procedure before you make your bookings.

The rest of your journey will be smoother since we can recommend you some nice, comfortable and close place to stay during your recovery. Pick from the airport to your place, from your place to the hospital are also available and most importantly, if needed during your stay, a specialized nurse can visit you at your stay!

Beirut is a pearl capital in the middle east region, and it would be a shame if you don’t get a little taste of the “Switzerland” of the middle East during your medical stay.

Fore more info, contact us on the bellow link:

Phone or Wastsapp: 00961 81818114
Email: info@drwilliamwatfa.com
Instagram: @drwilliamwatfa