Breast Reconstruction

by Doctor, 26/12/2017


After going through the removal of all breast tissue (mastectomy) following breast cancer, women end up with a plain torso. The definition of health is not limited to the absence of physical disease, but also to the social and mental well-being of an individual.
Our plastic surgeon is highly trained in breast reconstruction procedures offering relief and a return to normal after painful and tiring journeys such as cancer fights.

Breast reconstruction aims to provide a satisfactory cosmetic result.

Did you know ?

During your first consultation, your surgeon will inform you of the different possibilities to reconstruct the breast and will guide through the appropriate surgery adapted to your case.
This tailor-made approach, whether by prosthesis or autologous tissue (flap), will allow you to obtain your previous feminine allure with a minimum of scaring.

To achieve an optimal breast reconstruction’s final result, two to three procedures may be necessary.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still benefit from breast reconstruction after radiotherapy?
Upon your consultation, your surgeon will advise you about the appropriate technique for reconstruction according to your radiotherapy or chemotherapy previous/future treatment.

Is there an ideal time for breast reconstruction?
Breast reconstruction can be done during a same procedure after mastectomy; however, it can also be done years later if desired (delayed reconstruction).

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